Are you planning an experiment or a field collection in biodiversity in Quebec or in the ecology of flora or fauna communities? Do you have data to analyze, statistical analysis results to interpret or scientific review to perform? We invite you to contact us.  

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Statistical analyzes

and writing


BioÉco Environnement offers statistical analyzes and

scientific writing according to your specific needs:

  • Describe and synthesize the data to identify the main trends

  • Use the R program to clean datasets, perform descriptive or complex statistical analyzes

  • Test and compare data to identify significant differences

  • Complete more complex statistical analyzes of biodiversity and multivariate

  • Group, organize or segment data

  • Establish relationships and influences between several variables to explain the causes and effects of a phenomenon

  • Validate hypotheses

  • Present your results with clear tables and graphs

  • Interpret the results based on a systematic and rigorous approach


From descriptive statistics of biodiversity to multivariate analysis , BioÉco Environnement offers you consulting services and statistical analysis services that will meet your needs. These analyzes are accompanied by a clear interpretation using accessible language. The writing of scientific reports and articles is also offered according to your needs.

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Scientific review

The scientific editing service is available for your needs prior to the publication of a manuscript, report or book. Whether it is for a scientific article or report , an informative book for adults or children, or educational tools on nature or insects , you want to make sure that the bibliography cited is adequate, that the scientific information is correct, that the statistical analysis is sound. We invite you to contact us to discuss your needs.